Obstacles to Developing Future Skills among Najran University Students


  • Mahmoud Mustafa Mohammed
  • Said Abdelmawgoud El aasar
  • Mohammed Maher Mohammed


The study aims to identify the main obstacles facing Najran University in developing future skills among its students from the perspective of experts and faculty members. It utilized a descriptive approach, analyzing the prominent obstacles hindering universities, with a focus on Najran University. A questionnaire consisting of 40 statements distributed across three domains was constructed: obstacles related to university policies supporting skills, obstacles related to the university environment, and obstacles related to infrastructure. The questionnaire was administered to a sample of faculty members at Najran University, totaling 114 participants. The study revealed several results, including the following: the average score for the total degree of obstacles to the development of future skills among Najran University students was 3.57, indicating a high level. The first domain (obstacles related to university policies) had the highest impact as a hindrance to future skills development among students, followed by the second domain (obstacles related to the university environment) with a high impact, and then the third domain (obstacles related to infrastructure) with a moderate impact.


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Mohammed, M. M. ., aasar, S. A. E. ., & Mohammed, M. M. . (2024). Obstacles to Developing Future Skills among Najran University Students . Migration Letters, 21(3), 668–683. Retrieved from https://migrationletters.com/index.php/ml/article/view/6764