Obstacles Experienced by Saudi Undergraduate Students in Studying English Literature


  • Nawal Mosa Mohammed Abdallah
  • Tahmina Begum
  • Elsadig Hussein Fadlalla Ali
  • Musadhique Kottaparamban
  • Sarrah Osman Eltom


Acquisition of English gives you the freedom to explore innovative opportunities. For years, in Saudi educational institutions, English has been taught with prime importance. At the university level, English literature is included in the curriculum as a means of learning English as a Foreign Language. However, as in other countries where English is considered a second language, students in Saudi Arabia confront many problems in learning English, mostly in studying English literature. Because of the lack of target language proficiency and target cultural understanding, English literature students in Saudi Arabia are not interested in studying English literature. As a result, the students are unable to understand the assigned literary texts and are erratic about the contents of literary texts. This study aims to investigate the major difficulties and barriers faced by Saudi students in their English literature classes and their attitudes toward the language itself. The findings of this study suggest that students majoring in English literature have poor knowledge of English literature and a poor understanding of English culture, which leads to disinterest and demotivation in studying English literature.


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Abdallah, N. M. M. ., Begum, T. ., Ali, E. H. F. ., Kottaparamban, M. ., & Eltom, S. O. . (2024). Obstacles Experienced by Saudi Undergraduate Students in Studying English Literature. Migration Letters, 21(3), 590–599. Retrieved from https://migrationletters.com/index.php/ml/article/view/6719