Decision Making and Adaptation: An Analysis of Human Agency in Venezuelan Migrants in Funza, Cundinamarca


  • Alex Dueñas-Peña
  • Diana Mireya Cuéllar-Sánchez
  • Karen Núñez-Valdés


The Human Agency of Venezuelan migrants refers to their ability to make decisions and take actions in pursuit of a better life when migrating from Venezuela to other countries. This entails the capability to face challenges, adapt to new circumstances, seek opportunities, and take control of their lives, even in adverse environments. The results of this study focus on analyzing the influence of Human Agency in Venezuelan migrants, specifically examining how their experiences and decisions impact their adaptation process and participation in the community of Funza, Cundinamarca. The research adopted a mixed-methods approach with a descriptive depth, involving a sample of 140 Venezuelan migrants. Closed-ended Likert-type questions were utilized in a questionnaire, along with open-ended questions exploring specific aspects of their lives, such as their contribution to the local community in Funza and other factors supporting their Human Agency. The findings reveal a widespread and positive acceptance of adaptation strategies implemented by Venezuelan migrants. The majority express satisfaction with the practices adopted to integrate into their new environment, and a significant percentage perceives solidarity, receptivity, and positive acceptance from the community where they reside.


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Dueñas-Peña, A. ., Cuéllar-Sánchez, D. M. ., & Núñez-Valdés, K. . (2024). Decision Making and Adaptation: An Analysis of Human Agency in Venezuelan Migrants in Funza, Cundinamarca. Migration Letters, 21(S2), 327–338. Retrieved from




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