Discourse on Religious Moderation in Pluralism: Conflict Resolutions Oriented to Local Wisdom "MENYAMA BRAYA"


  • Anak Agung Gede Oka Wisnumurti
  • A.A Rai Sita Laksmi
  • I Made Mardika


Indonesia has complex ethnic, religious, racial, and intergroup differences. Differences in mindset, character, character, and/or behavior can trigger conflict. Various conflicts have occurred that have been triggered by religious differences. The research design is designed as a qualitative descriptive exploratory research using ethnomethodological methods to explore the treasures of Balinese local wisdom, namely 'menyama braya,' which is not widely known and understood by the public. This research departs from a working hypothesis that differences in perceptions, concepts, or beliefs can be assimilated into a consensus scheme by accommodating differences based on the 'menyama braya' concept to achieve conflict resolution or equilibrium. Data were collected using focus group interview guidelines and non-participant observation guidelines. The obtained data were analyzed qualitatively critically, namely: an in-depth assessment that seeks to uncover the activities, views, and identities of authentic assimilative, accommodating, and equilibration interactions that develop during focus group discussions. Results show that (1) Intra-religious conflicts can be resolved through the process of assimilation, accommodation, and equilibrium of differences in core understanding of the problem, conflict triggering factors, religious tolerance, differences in religious perceptions and conceptions through the implementation of local wisdom; (2) Inter-religious conflicts are resolved based on the framework of local wisdom in the form so that it becomes a turning point in building a religious personality that views differences as positive. 


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Wisnumurti, A. A. G. O. ., Laksmi, A. R. S. ., & Mardika, I. M. . (2024). Discourse on Religious Moderation in Pluralism: Conflict Resolutions Oriented to Local Wisdom "MENYAMA BRAYA". Migration Letters, 21(3), 310–320. Retrieved from https://migrationletters.com/index.php/ml/article/view/6576