The Study of Educational System: A Thematic Study in Select Works of Chetan Bhagat


  • Vimal A
  • Subramania Pillai R


The prime thing for every people in their life is education. Education can change a person and help each and every part of his life. There are some conflicts and unethical things happening in the education sector. The young generation is facing numerous conflicts and hurdles in the educational system.  Some of the conflicts and prime issues in the Indian educational system are shown by Chetan Bhagat through his novels. His writings throw light on how the younger generation gets pressure and expectations from their family and how they overcome the current educational system. This paper shows the thematic evolution of the education system and how the younger generation overcomes the traditional system of learning in the select works Five Point Someone, Half Girlfriend, and Revolution 2020. There are some flaws in the education system such as learning methods, lack of innovation and creativity, deciding the student's ability by grade points, and language problems. In the educational sector, corruption also takes place to obtain permissions and approvals. Bhagat also gives some career advice and solution for the conflicts faced by the younger generation through his works.


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