Symbolic Communication Ume Kebubu Context Atoin Meto


  • Yermia Djefri Manafe
  • Felisianus Efrem Jelahut
  • Fitria Titi Meilawati
  • Henny L.L Lada


Symbolic communication allows us to share complex and conceptual understandings of the world around us. Every culture has a symbolic model used to convey meaning depending on the social environment, culture, and personal experience. Symbolic communication can also take place within the ume kebubu traditional house environment. Ume kebubu is taken from the word ume which means house and kebubu which means round. Therefore, ume kebubu is a representation of a circular house. The ume kebubu model reflects the combined culture and local wisdom of the Atoni Meto people, which is full of symbols and connotations. Therefore, ume kebubu can be interpreted as a dwelling that has a rounded appearance. The ume kebubu design reflects a combination of local customs and wisdom that is filled with symbols and meanings. Therefore, a proper understanding of communication related to cultural symbols, identity, and values of the Atoin Meto community as the owner of the ume kebubu is needed. This research was conducted in Oeue Village, Kuatnana Sub-district, South Central Timor District, East Nusa Tenggara Province using qualitative methods. Information was collected through in-depth interview sessions with traditional leaders and residents living in ume kebubu. Focused discussions were conducted to deepen understanding and ensure compatibility with the interview results. This research concludes that the symbolic communication of ume kebubu includes architectural elements, symbolic decorations, room layouts and ritual ceremonies. Architecture, including design, form and structure, has many symbolic meanings. Decorative symbols have specific meanings associated with cultural identity, while room layouts reflect certain values. Ritual ceremonies have deep symbolic meaning.


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Manafe, Y. D. ., Jelahut, F. E., Meilawati, F. T. ., & Lada, H. L. . (2024). Symbolic Communication Ume Kebubu Context Atoin Meto . Migration Letters, 21(3), 59–71. Retrieved from