The Tadabbur Qur’an Method: A Solution for Teaching Islamic Education at University


  • Amirudin



This study investigates the efficacy, benefits, and limitations of the Tadabbur Qur’an method for teaching Islamic education at the university level. The approach is systematic and interconnected, emphasizing simplicity, adherence to Islamic principles, and a balanced integration of rational and emotional learning strategies. The research methodology used in the study combines quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques. The effectiveness of the Tadabbur Qur’an method is evaluated using a pretest-posttest randomized control group design by comparing the experimental group taught using the method to the control group taught using traditional methods. Qualitative data from interviews, focus groups, or questionnaires capture participants’ perspectives and insights, whereas quantitative data from assessments and statistical analysis examine differences in learning outcomes. The study follows ethical guidelines and includes adequate sample sizes and randomization procedures to ensure validity and reliability. The findings show that by integrating theory and practice, utilizing logical frameworks, and upholding Islamic values, the Tadabbur Qur’an method effectively improves the quality and objectives of Islamic Education. It offers advantages such as student motivation, appreciation for Islamic education, and in-depth encounters with Islamic values. The need for time commitments, potential teacher-centered dynamics, and required competencies and resources are all limitations. Despite these constraints, implementing the Tadabbur Qur’an method at the university level can significantly improve Islamic education. To improve student responses, educators can use the findings of this study to prioritize Arabic proficiency, broad knowledge, and engaging learning environments. The method’s potential benefits outweigh the associated costs, thereby contributing to advancing Islamic education in university settings.


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Amirudin. (2023). The Tadabbur Qur’an Method: A Solution for Teaching Islamic Education at University. Migration Letters, 20(7), 1373–1380.