Review of Literature on Teacher Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on Student- Teacher Rapport


  • Dr. Mouna Abou Assali
  • Dr. Albert Riskus



Background: Researchers largely concur that emotional intelligence is a stronger predictor of individual success as the role of emotional intelligence (EI) has been extensively investigated. Schools play a significant role in the development of emotional intelligence in people. Emotional intelligence in pupils is shaped and developed in part through positive teacher-student interactions.

Objective: is to explore the role of the EI of the teacher and its impact on the rapport between teacher and student, and student achievement and engagement.

Methods: This study reviews the body of research on emotionally intelligent teachers and their interactions with pupils. The search terms were limited to emotional intelligence, how it affects student-teacher relationships, and how it influences kids’ academic performance and involvement in school activities. We deliberately omitted publications from our literature evaluation that failed to highlight a potential obstacle or the concept of the influence of teacher emotional intelligence on the relationship between the student-teacher rapport. After the screening procedure, 11 journal articles in total satisfied the requirements for the study.

Results: According to the results of this study, teachers with high emotional intelligence had a more profoundly favourable effect on student-teacher relationships and the connection between teacher work engagement and student academic achievement than instructors with low emotional intelligence.

Conclusion: The student’s learning of emotional intelligence abilities, the student’s academic success, and the functional interaction between the emotionally intelligent instructor and the student are all mediated by one another.


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Assali, D. M. A. ., & Riskus, D. A. . (2023). Review of Literature on Teacher Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on Student- Teacher Rapport . Migration Letters, 20(S11), 605–628.