The Role of Pediatric Nurses in Promoting Family-Centered Care in Saudi Arabia: Systematic Review


  • Maha Abdulaziz Alonazi
  • Turki Abdullah Alharbi
  • Muna Fanash Alenazi
  • Suad Abdulaziz Alanazi
  • Ahmad Abdullah Alwetaid
  • Alya Abdulaziz Alanazi
  • Maryam Musharraf Alanazi
  • Shuaa Abdulaziz Alenazi
  • Wadha Mushrref Alanazi
  • Nouf Abdulaziz Alanzi



Background: Family-centered care (FCC) is a fundamental approach in pediatric nursing, emphasizing collaboration, communication, and respect for families in healthcare decision-making and delivery. This study aims to investigate the role of pediatric nurses in promoting FCC by drawing upon a comprehensive review of past studies in the field.

Aim: The aim of this study is to synthesize findings from previous research and identify key themes, sub-themes, and trends related to the role of pediatric nurses in promoting family-centered care.

Method: A systematic review approach was employed, encompassing studies up to September 2023. Multiple databases were searched, and studies from various geographic locations were included. Thematic analysis and data synthesis were conducted to extract key insights from the selected studies.

Results: The review highlighted key themes, including the variability in perceptions of FCC among nursing students and pediatric nurses, the positive impact of online education on FCC perceptions, identification of FCC barriers, the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, the influence of cross-cultural factors, and the positive impact of FCC interventions on healthcare professionals, particularly in the context of childhood cancer.

Conclusion: Pediatric nurses play a crucial role in promoting family-centered care, but challenges and variations exist. Standardized FCC education, incorporating online courses, interdisciplinary collaboration, and addressing cultural factors and barriers are recommended to enhance patient-centered care.




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Maha Abdulaziz Alonazi, Turki Abdullah Alharbi, Muna Fanash Alenazi, Suad Abdulaziz Alanazi, Ahmad Abdullah Alwetaid, Alya Abdulaziz Alanazi, Maryam Musharraf Alanazi, Shuaa Abdulaziz Alenazi, Wadha Mushrref Alanazi, & Nouf Abdulaziz Alanzi. (2023). The Role of Pediatric Nurses in Promoting Family-Centered Care in Saudi Arabia: Systematic Review . Migration Letters, 20(S7), 1379–1398.




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