The Growth Potential for Accounting Startups is Vast


  • Fitria Husnatarina
  • Loso Judijanto
  • Ari Purwanti
  • M. Anas
  • Samalua Waoma
  • Siswadi Sululing



Few MSMEs produce financial statements. Financial statement is useful for MSMEs' owners and management as well as external stakeholders. Management financial reports facilitate planning, financial position awareness, performance assessment, and corporate decisions.MSMEs loathe financial reports because of their complexity. Activities This service brings startup accounting to SMBs. Election Startup accounting is employed because it's basic and employs business-based KPIs, making it easier for MSME players to attain. The qualitative descriptive research design focuses on SMEs. This method was chosen to represent the intricacies of startup accounting. This study aims to determine whether a simpler and more accessible accounting model, an accounting model startup, may reduce SMEs' reluctance to submit financial reports. According to this study, MSME participants' reluctance was owing to the cumbersome conventional accounting approach used to construct financial statements. MSME players prefer a simpler startup accounting model with business-based KPIs. Standards SMBs utilize the startup accounting model due to similarities with startup company concepts. Adopting the startup accounting model must take into account MSME players' ability to use basic information technology so it may be more widely accepted and used.




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Fitria Husnatarina, Loso Judijanto, Ari Purwanti, M. Anas, Samalua Waoma, & Siswadi Sululing. (2023). The Growth Potential for Accounting Startups is Vast . Migration Letters, 20(8), 169–181.




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