The Millennial Generation and the Caption Language of Social Media


  • Asep Nurjamin
  • Ella Masita
  • Lisetyo Ariyanti
  • Firdaus Yuni Dharta
  • Titi Mumfangati
  • Nanda Saputra
  • Andiyan Andiyan



Social media frequently trends caption hits. The captions are original and engaging, attracting social media users. From Frischa Zilvia Annesia''s thesis Language Style and Function of Caption Language on Gossip Accounts on Instagram: "Caption is the writing under the picture that is usually written as a description of the picture." Photo uploads need captions, as stated above. Contemporary captions may boost account owner comments and likes. Many copies mimic contemporary captions, making them popular. Because many post the same caption, it eventually becomes controversial. This research uses a phenomenological approach concentrating on personal experience including part of the individual "individuals who exist to provide experiences to each other. Phenomenology is a tradition of study used to explore human experience. Millennials rely on social media yet lack an excellent filter to filter information. Social media users seem to disregard morality and ethics while sharing information. Ethics prevents societal strife. Thus, millennials must develop their character. Millennials must also adjust to Society 5.0. Society 5.0, which complements Industrial Revolution 4.0, should focus on the millennial generation's role in national growth. Society 5.0 is a technology-based human-centered society. Technology advances quickly, replacing human jobs with clever robots. Thus, civilization 5.0, founded on spirituality and culture, must be understood to prepare millennials for difficulties. Social media uses formal and casual terminology. Informal language is less formal and ignores Indonesian standards: Internet slang, regional languages, and foreign terminology. Social media language will progressively degrade decent Indonesian. Slang will make young people ignorant of proper language and terminology.




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Asep Nurjamin, Ella Masita, Lisetyo Ariyanti, Firdaus Yuni Dharta, Titi Mumfangati, Nanda Saputra, & Andiyan Andiyan. (2023). The Millennial Generation and the Caption Language of Social Media . Migration Letters, 20(8), 157–168.