Conceptual Model of TAM and TTF Integration


  • Mediaty
  • Grace T. Pontoh
  • Aini Indrijawati
  • Ade Ikhlas Amal Alam
  • Julius Jillbert
  • Christoforus Yohannes
  • Syaiful Ali
  • Jacqueline Birt
  • Astri Dyastiarini
  • Wa Ode Rayyani
  • Safria Syarifuddin
  • Muhammad Faisal Arif



This paper aims to examine the conceptual model in the integration of TAM and TTF for the use of information technology (IT). We searched for related articles, using the Publish or Perish and Watase UAKE applications, with the keywords “TAM” and “TTF. The results yielded 21 articles and we separated 15 articles with publications through journals with the reputation of Scopus Q1 and Q2. The results found that various studies have used the TTF model as an external variable of TAM. This shows that customers who feel that technology can help them complete tasks will have the perception that technology is useful for them. Finally, this study has implications for both producers and users. Manufacturers is suggested to create technology products that focus on completing customer tasks and providing information about the usefulness of technology. Customers are expected to learn various technological functions before the technology is adopted.




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Mediaty, Grace T. Pontoh, Aini Indrijawati, Ade Ikhlas Amal Alam, Julius Jillbert, Christoforus Yohannes, Syaiful Ali, Jacqueline Birt, Astri Dyastiarini, Wa Ode Rayyani, Safria Syarifuddin, & Muhammad Faisal Arif. (2023). Conceptual Model of TAM and TTF Integration . Migration Letters, 21(1), 278–291.