Synthesis of Theory Labor Value through Perumda Perkebunan Kahyangan Jember Worker


  • Sundjoto
  • Muhammad Gunawan Wibisono
  • Sri Rahayu
  • Andri Radiany
  • Rifda Fitrianty



As the several worker policy change related to Omnibus Law need to implement of explain the criteria of labor value. The target to improve human resource performance, Perumda Kahyangan Jember finally issued a lack of human resources workers in Jember with the aim of providing competition and enthusiasm to work harder. However, what actually happened on the ground turned out to be exploitation and intimidation that occurred as a result. This research analysed to find one of the important things that labor of value based on Marx perspective starts with the decision making in quality improvement In this article, we describe and explain based on the meta synthesis approach regarding labor value, providing management knowledge that stimulates good performance from all employees by increasing the facilitation of responsibility, participation and allocation of all individuals, which is one of the characteristics of employee competence. This article realizes that it builds a theoretical study in the description of labor value can carry out with a sincere passion to be at the forefront of service. In other words, leading by example is also an important factor in the success of the servant labor value model with social necessary criteria, labor power, and free worker.




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Sundjoto, Muhammad Gunawan Wibisono, Sri Rahayu, Andri Radiany, & Rifda Fitrianty. (2023). Synthesis of Theory Labor Value through Perumda Perkebunan Kahyangan Jember Worker . Migration Letters, 21(1), 126–141.