Action Research: Self-Access Centre for Learner Independence


  • Asjad Ahmed Saeed Balla



2012 saw the completion of this initiative at the Department of English, Faculty of Education, University of Gedarif. Its primary objective was to foster greater independence and confidence in the students. The initiative targeted English-language learners who desired to improve their proficiency. In addition to pre- and post-tests and interviews, the researcher used a requirements analysis method to select project participants. This method also assisted with the evaluation procedure. As a consequence, 16 students with varying English language weaknesses were selected for the project. Interviews and portfolios were utilized to assess the performance of the students throughout the duration of the endeavour. The experience was successful in fostering student autonomy, enhancing their language abilities, and heightening their language awareness. Utilizing the self-access centre as a component of the university's semester courses (e.g., practising pronunciation, completing activities, etc.) was deemed the most essential recommendation.




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Asjad Ahmed Saeed Balla. (2023). Action Research: Self-Access Centre for Learner Independence . Migration Letters, 20(S7), 1178–1184.