HoaLoc-Mango Market Value Chain Study In Mekong Delta,Vietnam


  • Kiet Hong Vo Tuan Truong
  • Thien Chi Ngo
  • Dang Vo Gia Le
  • Truc Thanh Bao
  • Lan Thanh Kim Nguyen
  • Duc Huynh Lam
  • Hung Vu Nguyen
  • Anh Ngoc Lan Pham




The objective of this study is to ensure the ongoing prosperity of the HoaLoc-mango value chain by an examination of the allocation of costs, revenues, and net profits among participants in the marketing channel. By identifying any vulnerabilities in the chain and proposing potential remedies, this research seeks to enhance its overall performance. The objective of this study was to use value chain analysis in order to evaluate the HoaLoc-mango value chain within the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, and to determine its impact on the overall economic efficiency of the area. A total of 490 data points were gathered via surveys conducted among various stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain, including farmers, cooperatives, collectors, wholesalers, local merchants, export operations, processing firms, and grocery stores specializing in the sale of fresh produce. The value chain of the HoaLoc-mango exemplifies a paradigm of economic efficiency, yielding a substantial revenue of $825.9 million and a net profit of $66.4 million. Export channels, often referred to as marketing channels 1, 2, and 3, generate a substantial sum of $92.6 million in revenue, accompanied by a net profit of $8.1 million. The aggregate revenues generated by domestic channels 4 and 5 total $733,351 million, accompanied by a net profit of $58.3 million. The study revealed that producers are the most vulnerable actors in the mango supply chain, mostly owing to the substandard quality and limited scope of the chain. This study proposes three policy recommendations, including the redistribution of benefits, enhancement of technology, and elevation of standards. The findings of this research provide support to the notion that the value chain method might be a valuable tool in shaping public policy. Moreover, the present study contributes to the existing body of research about the examination of value chains in the context of tropical fruits and vegetables.




How to Cite

Kiet Hong Vo Tuan Truong, Thien Chi Ngo, Dang Vo Gia Le, Truc Thanh Bao, Lan Thanh Kim Nguyen, Duc Huynh Lam, Hung Vu Nguyen, & Anh Ngoc Lan Pham. (2023). HoaLoc-Mango Market Value Chain Study In Mekong Delta,Vietnam . Migration Letters, 20(S7), 919–935. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v20iS7.4458




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