Preserving the Old Ksar of Beni-Abbes- Algeria


  • Souad Guessar
  • Hadja Mama Abdeldjebar



This study aims to showcase the architectural and cultural significance of the historic ksar located in Beni Abbes, Algeria. Additionally, it seeks to foster cultural tourism activities and improve the quality of life for the local community. The Beni Abbes Ksar serves as a historical monument and represents the Berber culture and identity. The ancient ksar of Beni Abbes is situated in the heart of the palm grove in the southwestern area of Algeria. Beni Abbes is widely recognized as one of the most significant and aesthetically pleasing oases in the Saoura region. This study employs a historical and descriptive methodology to analyze the physical and cultural factors that contributed to the formation of the Old Ksar.  Our findings showcase the alluring charm of Beni Abbes and highlight the need for further research, investigation, exploration, and appreciation of its remarkable socio-cultural fabric.




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Souad Guessar, & Hadja Mama Abdeldjebar. (2023). Preserving the Old Ksar of Beni-Abbes- Algeria . Migration Letters, 20(S7), . 620–628.