Harbingers of Accepting Islam on the Tongues of Arab Soothsayers


  • Haider Mezher Askar Al-Abdi
  • Sarah Riad Abdul Karim Al-Saadoun




Our research came under the title: (harbingers of acceptance of Islam on the tongues of Arab soothsayers)  to highlight three main themes: the first talked about the impact of Arab fortune-telling in the development of thought among the Arabs of ignorance, and the second touched on the harbingers of Arab soothsayers with the resurrection of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), while the third dealt with the position of soothsayers from Islam, while the fourth was focused on the most famous soothsayers in the pre-Islamic era.

Regarding the first theme, various factors have been documented that have contributed to the evolution of thought. Primarily, the priest relied on intelligence and jinn to predict future events. The first possessed a keen intellect that enabled him to make connections between things, or future events, and was able to do so by making predictions about what would happen in the future. The second was that the majority of soothsayers relied on elves, or seers, who steal hearing from heaven and relay information to the priests..

The priests tell the people about it and this is proven in the Holy Quran and in the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).




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Haider Mezher Askar Al-Abdi, & Sarah Riad Abdul Karim Al-Saadoun. (2023). Harbingers of Accepting Islam on the Tongues of Arab Soothsayers . Migration Letters, 20(S7), 405–413. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v20iS7.4406