Saudi EFL professional development program: A study of virtual tools in enhancing inter-cultural c mmunicative quotient


  • Hani Hamad M Albelihi



This study explores the potential of Telecollaboration-based Teachers’ Professional Development Program (TPDP) to enhance Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) with specific focus on the Saudi English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers. The growing trend of globalization in the world is leading to an increased recognition of the significance of Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) within the field of education. Upon the completion of the teachers’ training in the Telecollaboration-based Teachers' Professional Development Program, data was gathered by conducting interviews with three EFL instructors from Saudi Arabia. The results revealed that these instructors underwent significant growth in their professional development. The TPDP played a crucial role in enabling them to create more interactive lessons, effectively overcome cultural differences, and expand their teaching methods beyond traditional pedagogical limits. Moreover, the results also indicated that the implementation of teaching methods based on telecollaboration and Teachers' Professional Development Programs (TPDP) had a positive influence on the Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) of Saudi educators. This impact was evident in the enhanced understanding of different cultures among teachers, improved communication abilities when interacting with students from diverse cultural backgrounds, and an increased cultural receptiveness. The study emphasizes the necessity for Saudi English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher development policies to incorporate telecollaborative TPDP approaches. Additionally, it highlights the importance of addressing implementation challenges to promote ICC. This strategic approach aligns with global educational trends, enabling educators to better prepare their students for a world where intercultural interactions are increasingly prevalent.




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Hani Hamad M Albelihi. (2023). Saudi EFL professional development program: A study of virtual tools in enhancing inter-cultural c mmunicative quotient. Migration Letters, 20(S7), 201–214.