Innovation and Entrepreneurship Skills in University Students, Amazonas, Peru, 2023


  • Manuel Antonio Morante Dávila
  • Alex Javier Sánchez Pantaleón
  • Omer Cruz Caro
  • Maritza Revilla Bueloth
  • Irma Dolores Montenegro Rios



The development of innovative competencies is fundamental for the creation of entrepreneurship, and it is here where the university plays a fundamental role in the formation and development of its students.  In view of this, the objective of the research was to determine how innovation competencies influence the entrepreneurship of university students. The research was descriptive, with a non-probabilistic sample of 310 students from the fourth to the tenth cycle of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. The structural equation model was used to determine the relationship using the software SmartPLS 3.37. The results show that 53.2% of the students demonstrate high levels of innovation competencies and 56.9% show high levels of entrepreneurship competencies. Concluding that the university should improve its curriculum and insert topics on the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in students, since the university is a fundamental factor in the training and development of students in entrepreneurship.


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Manuel Antonio Morante Dávila, Alex Javier Sánchez Pantaleón, Omer Cruz Caro, Maritza Revilla Bueloth, & Irma Dolores Montenegro Rios. (2023). Innovation and Entrepreneurship Skills in University Students, Amazonas, Peru, 2023. Migration Letters, 20(7), 557–575.