Migration and Personal Identity in Writings of the Jewish Writer, Anzia Yezierska


  • Fatmir Ramadani
  • Ardian Sallauka




Jewish migration stands as a poignant memorial to the historical pogroms and discrimination endured by human beings in the modern era. This intricate and profound process of migration gives rise to numerous political, social, and economic challenges for both the countries and the people involved. It transcends the simple act of moving from one place to another, encompassing a multifaceted journey viewed from various perspectives. This research examines the influence of one Jewish author, Anzia Yezierska, whose writings often draw from her own autobiographical experience, particularly in her works “America and I” and “How I Found America”, and how her sufferings are represented in the modern literature by delving deeply into literary works, critical analyses, and historical studies. The data analysis shows that there is a strong relationship between the American dream and the homeland in shaping the migrants dreams. These works share common themes, including a strong bond with the land, prejudices and respect. These two stories have their similarities and differences, and altogether are unique parts of the Jewish migration mosaic. It looks at the aversions against the human beings, representation of prejudice against the population forced to leave from one place to another. The data analysis demonstrates the continued relevance of migration narratives and aspirations in contemporary literature as a memorial of remembrance for young generations. "America and I" and "How I Found America" poignantly depict the suffering of Jews, highlighting both similarities and contrasts between their homeland and the promise of "America, the land of opportunity." Together, these stories contribute to the rich tapestry of Jewish migration, a testament to the resilience and struggles faced by a people seeking a better life. In order to obtain a more profound comprehension of the influence of migration on the personal identity of the writers, scholars should conduct multidisciplinary investigations. Comparative studies, literary analysis classes, and stimulating seminars will all contribute to understanding.


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Fatmir Ramadani, & Ardian Sallauka. (2023). Migration and Personal Identity in Writings of the Jewish Writer, Anzia Yezierska . Migration Letters, 20(7), 417–424. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v20i7.4316