Eradicating the Land Mafia in Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities


  • Vani Wirawan
  • Yusriyadi
  • Ana Silviana
  • Yeni Widowaty



The presence of the land mafia still thrives in Indonesia and is troubling. The land mafia can disrupt legal order and hinder development, because the crimes it commits include land cases of wide dimensions that result in disputes, conflicts, and land and space cases that have high economics, so a new concept of eradication of the land mafia is needed that is extraordinary in the land sector. This research aims to find out and develop a new concept of eradicating land mafia that is more ideal and has a deterrent effect in the future. This research is descriptive and analytical with a type of socio-legal approach. This research produces a new concept for efforts to eradicate land mafia in Indonesia, namely in the area of legal substance, the formation of laws and regulations on the eradication of land mafia is applied to every trace of land mafia crime and seeks material evidence in land cases; within the territory of the legal structure the urgency of establishing a real and independent land mafia eradication commission; and in the area of legal culture the role of government and society in fostering an attitude of responsibility towards land titles and the state of land, as well as not easy collusion, corruption and nepotism.


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Vani Wirawan, Yusriyadi, Ana Silviana, & Yeni Widowaty. (2023). Eradicating the Land Mafia in Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities. Migration Letters, 20(7), 227–243.