Mechanisms for Financing Science, Technology, and Innovation Initiatives


  • Del-Castillo-Ruiz-Caro, David Eduardo
  • Huayta-Franco, Yolanda Josefina
  • Espirilla-Sicos, Waldir Milan
  • Villalobos-Risco, Oscar Moises
  • Luis Alberto



This original study was carried out with a descriptive design on those mechanisms used by various countries for the financing of various initiatives in science, technology, and innovation, documented from the year 2017 to 2022, for which two search engines were used: Scopus and SciELO, using the descriptors: "science and technology", "subnational governments", "innovation", "financing", "mechanisms", as well as the use of Booleans such as "AND", "OR" both in English and Spanish, for which 20 scientific articles were obtained, of which 13 were from Scopus and 7 from SciELO, all of them qualitative. It was concluded that although there are several mechanisms to finance initiatives in science, technology, and innovation that can be replicated in other territories, the first step is to articulate the discourse of leaders with development plans and these, in turn, with public budgets, allowing greater management responsibilities to be ceded to subnational governments, the private sector, among others, thus demanding new strategies and a legal framework to ensure greater predictability in joint activities aimed at seeking knowledge and resources clearly and securely for both.




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Del-Castillo-Ruiz-Caro, David Eduardo, Huayta-Franco, Yolanda Josefina, Espirilla-Sicos, Waldir Milan, Villalobos-Risco, Oscar Moises, & Luis Alberto. (2023). Mechanisms for Financing Science, Technology, and Innovation Initiatives . Migration Letters, 20(S7), 153–163.