Statistical Analysis for Process Optimization in Business Administration: A Practical Approach


  • Dr. Ricardo Martin Gómez Arce
  • Dr. Julio Alberto Castañeda Carranza
  • Dr. José Roberto Sánchez Solórzano
  • Mgtr. Próspero Celso Benítez Grados
  • Dr. Roberto Carlos Torres Carrillo
  • Dra. María Pérez Campomares



By means of this document, it was possible to analyze the main characteristics of the volume of scientific production related to the study of the variables Process Optimization and Business Administration. A bibliometric analysis was proposed to analyze details such as Year of Publication, Country of Origin of the publication, Area of Knowledge in which the published research is carried out and the Type of Publication most frequently used by the authors of each document published in high-impact journals indexed in the Scopus database during the period between 2017 and 2022. Among the main findings, it was possible to determine that, for the execution of the different research methodologies, the report of 55 scientific documents related to the study of Process Optimization and Business Administration was achieved. The maximum number of publications made in a year was 17 papers submitted in 2022. The country of origin of the institutions that reported the highest number of records in Scopus was India with 8 documents. The area of knowledge with the greatest influence at the time of executing the research projects that resulted in scientific publications was Computer Science, which contributed great theoretical material in a total of 24 publications. Finally, the type of publication most frequently used to publicize findings from the analysis of the aforementioned variables was the Journal Article, which represented 40% of the total scientific production.




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Dr. Ricardo Martin Gómez Arce, Dr. Julio Alberto Castañeda Carranza, Dr. José Roberto Sánchez Solórzano, Mgtr. Próspero Celso Benítez Grados, Dr. Roberto Carlos Torres Carrillo, & Dra. María Pérez Campomares. (2023). Statistical Analysis for Process Optimization in Business Administration: A Practical Approach . Migration Letters, 20(S7), 27–36.