Key Factors for the Sustainability of SMEs


  • Alex Javier, Sánchez Pantaleón
  • Manuel Antonio, Morante Dávila
  • Omer, Cruz Caro
  • Carlos Alberto, Hinojosa Salazar
  • Benjamín Roldan, Polo Escobar
  • Erlita Llatas Becerra
  • Franklin Omar, Zavaleta Chavez Arroyo



Sustainability is the way an organization creates value for its owners and society by maximizing the positive effects and minimizing the negative ones, incorporating three aspects: financial, social, and environmental. Therefore, the objective of the present work focuses on the analysis of bibliometric indicators between 1994 and 2022 based on the theme of sustainability factors of SMEs. The Scopus database was used to extract the literature on the sustainability factors of SMEs. The study analyzed articles published between 1994 and 2022. The keywords used are SME and Sustainability. The study contributes to the bibliometric analysis and provides a methodological review of journal articles published on SME sustainability factors. In conclusion, this bibliographic study presents the bibliometric analysis of SME sustainability factors, which focuses on three components: economic, social, and environmental.


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Alex Javier, Sánchez Pantaleón, Manuel Antonio, Morante Dávila, Omer, Cruz Caro, Carlos Alberto, Hinojosa Salazar, Benjamín Roldan, Polo Escobar, Erlita Llatas Becerra, & Franklin Omar, Zavaleta Chavez Arroyo. (2023). Key Factors for the Sustainability of SMEs . Migration Letters, 20(S7), 15–26.