Cyclic and Integrator Model in the Formation of the Dentist


  • Alicia Inciarte González
  • Dayré Mendoza Vegas
  • Luz Marina Zambrano
  • Liliana Canquiz Rincón



The objective of this study was to define categories and properties that explain a cyclical and integrating training model of professional practices in the dental career. It was oriented from the curricular theories and professional training in the health area. A qualitative research was developed, with an experiential epistemological approach, and the Grounded Theory of Strauss and Corbin (2002) was applied. From the coding and analysis process, a system of emergent categories and sub-categories was built, which are the basis for the explanations expressed. The construction of a cyclical model for the training of the dentist and the proposal of meanings and guidelines for the design of training projects from a cyclical and integrating perspective of professional practices were achieved.




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Alicia Inciarte González, Dayré Mendoza Vegas, Luz Marina Zambrano, & Liliana Canquiz Rincón. (2023). Cyclic and Integrator Model in the Formation of the Dentist . Migration Letters, 20(S7), 1–14.




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