Examining the Research Skills among Public Relations Students in Jordan


  • Muhammad Noor Al Adwan




Purpose: This study intends to comprehend the degree to which students from the Yarmouk University public relations department have research skills, the difficulties they face, and their recommendations to further their scientific research skills about media research.

Theoretical framework:  The particular focus will be on students from the Mass Communication department at Yarmouk University, providing the understanding of faculty members, policymakers, and strategies to design and implement new approaches to modify their research skills.

Design/methodology/approach: The Researcher adopted the descriptive approach as field surveys are used for data gathering purposes. The Researcher randomly selected a sample of n= 300 students.

Findings:  Results revealed that students indicated a lower level of understanding of media research among the respondents. However, this lower understanding is mainly caused by the challenges faced by the students i.e., lack of equipment, instructors' less understanding of the media research, and others. Further, the students provided some recommendations to improve the quality of research to increase their research expertise and skills

Research, Practical & Social implications:  it is concluded that the study administration, policymakers, and the relevant faculty should give strong consideration to developing research skills among the learners. For this purpose, adopting certainly improved approaches and addressing the concerns is the need of the day. Finally, the research limitations are highlighted accordingly.

Originality/value: Therefore, this study focused on highlighting the importance of research skills among the students of Public Relations, at Yarmouk University. The Researcher applied a descriptive approach and found overall weak research expertise among the study respondents. Respondents indicated several challenges hindering their research learning concerns, suggesting some primary recommendations to improve the quality of teaching style and approaches.


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Muhammad Noor Al Adwan. (2023). Examining the Research Skills among Public Relations Students in Jordan . Migration Letters, 20(7), 200–211. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v20i7.4270