Characterization of Social Skills and Self-Esteem in Students of a Rural Public Institution


  • Camayo-Lapa, Becquer Frauberth
  • Luna-Santiani, Percy
  • Torres-Lara, Marco Antonio
  • Manyari-Cervantes, Galia Mavel
  • Flores-Ledesma, Katia Ninozca



Social skills form a series of useful components and tools for the internal and external assessment of the individual with respect to his environment. In educational institutions, great importance is given to the cognitive aspect and the physical development of the student, however, other aspects such as Self-esteem takes a backseat. The objective of the study was to determine the relationship between social skills and self-esteem of secondary education students in a rural educational institution in Huancayo, Junín region of Peru. The sample was made up of 183 students, to whom the social skills instrument and the School Self-Concept Inventory were applied.

In addition, a significant direct relationship was determined between social skills and self-esteem (p=0.009; p<0.05). It was concluded, for the rural educational institution, that there is a direct relationship between the level of social skills and the degree of self-esteem.


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Camayo-Lapa, Becquer Frauberth, Luna-Santiani, Percy, Torres-Lara, Marco Antonio, Manyari-Cervantes, Galia Mavel, & Flores-Ledesma, Katia Ninozca. (2023). Characterization of Social Skills and Self-Esteem in Students of a Rural Public Institution. Migration Letters, 20(7), 183–191.




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