Echoing Karinding Tones: The Global Journey of the Sundanese Traditional Musical Instrument


  • Ani Rostiyati
  • Ria Intani Tresnasih
  • Pristiwanto
  • Sukari
  • Nina Merlina
  • Lasmiyati
  • Gregorius Andika Ariwibowo
  • Arief Dwinanto



This study investigates the revival of karinding, a traditional Sundanese instrument, and its impact both globally and locally. Originally tied to Sundanese environmental and philosophical teachings, karinding has adapted to modern times. We explore how modern elements have spurred their revival and global recognition. This study investigates the resurgence of karinding, particularly among Indonesian millennials and its growing global popularity. Using qualitative methods, we analyze how Sundanese bands, like “Karinding Attack,” use innovative adaptations and multimedia strategies to modernize and promote this ancient instrument. In addition, we study international exposure and global reception. This study shows that karinding, by combining tradition and modernity, has revived its importance as a cultural resurgence symbol and an artistic innovation hub. The blending of traditional components with modern genres and technology has sparked a dynamic cultural movement, highlighting the global appeal and rekindling recognition of Sundanese musical artistry.


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Ani Rostiyati, Ria Intani Tresnasih, Pristiwanto, Sukari, Nina Merlina, Lasmiyati, Gregorius Andika Ariwibowo, & Arief Dwinanto. (2023). Echoing Karinding Tones: The Global Journey of the Sundanese Traditional Musical Instrument. Migration Letters, 20(7), 127–134.