A Future Vision for Child Education in the UAE


  • Mohammad Salman AlKhaza’leh
  • Bilal Fayiz Obeidat
  • Samer Abdel-Hadi
  • Reema Al-Qaruty




This study aims to envision an approach to the upbringing and education of children in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Using research methods, we explore key questions regarding the future of education;

What are the core principles that should guide education in the future?

What are the most important goals for developing Emirati children in the future?

How will Emirati Child Schools evolve in the first century?

Our study emphasizes the principle of "Humanity," which includes values like openness, comprehensiveness, balance, accumulation, flexibility, appropriateness (PRIVACY) and AWALO. We also highlight key objectives for nurturing children in the future;

Respecting and upholding childrens universal rights.

Encouraging childrens sense of achievement and independence.

Fostering self awareness among children.

Strengthening their sense of belonging and social identity.

Developing their sensibility to adapt to change.

Cultivating adaptability to changing circumstances.

Nurturing creativity in children.

Raising awareness about citizenship, among children.

Furthermore, the study emphasizes the importance of implementing a "self-education" approach in Emirati Child Schools for the first century. This approach aims to empower students with skills and abilities such as;

Fostering critical thinking abilities among students.

Providing scientific thinking training to students.

Achieving a balance between individualism and teamwork.

Cultivating values in young minds.

Preparing students for constructive participation.

Encouraging students to evaluate their progress.

Developing thinking planning skills, in students.

Enhancing information acquisition skills in students.

Ensuring proficiency in foreign languages among students.

Developing adeptness in utilizing technology and modern learning media.

Offering adaptable curricula that reflect changes and scientific advancements.

Preserving and honouring cultural identity.

Pioneering novel roles for teachers in the future.

Preparing students for comprehensive and specialized paths.

Providing training in future-oriented thinking to students.


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How to Cite

Mohammad Salman AlKhaza’leh, Bilal Fayiz Obeidat, Samer Abdel-Hadi, & Reema Al-Qaruty. (2023). A Future Vision for Child Education in the UAE. Migration Letters, 20(7), 88–96. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v20i7.4261




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