Assessing the Effectiveness of Juvenile Delinquency Welfare Programs: A Case Study of the UAE


  • Ruqaya Abdu Shayef Mohammed Naji
  • Azlinda Azman
  • Paramjit Singh Jamir Singh



Preventing delinquent behaviour among young people requires addressing various factors and potential approaches to ensure support and behavioural development. This research focused on juvenile delinquency in the United Arab Emirates to evaluate the juvenile rehabilitation programs within Abu Dhabi's Juvenile Welfare Department, staff competence and environment regarding the behavioural development of juveniles. This study is based on data gathered from 200 respondents using structured questionnaires, theoretically supported by the Positive Youth Development Theory (PYDT). The results indicated that the devised rehabilitation programs effectively fulfilled their primary objectives, contributing to positive changes in the behaviour (development) of the juvenile participants. Also, the effect of staff competency on behavioural development remained significant, indicating the effectiveness of staff educating and caring for the behaviour of juveniles. Finally, the research underlined the crucial role played by the environmental setting provided by Abu Dhabi's juvenile welfare department in the behavioural development of juveniles. It is found that a well-equipped and emotionally supportive rehabilitation centre promotes residents' emotional well-being and decreases stress. Besides, activities aimed at disrupting delinquency networks and providing relapse prevention strategies in the community contribute to the successful reintegration of juvenile offenders into society. Therefore, this study underscores the importance of community-level factors in shaping positive behavioural development and well-being among juveniles. By prioritizing the three prominent factors, offering comprehensive support, and incorporating community-level considerations, this research implies that we can encourage a safer community and develop more promising futures for these young individuals.


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Ruqaya Abdu Shayef Mohammed Naji, Azlinda Azman, & Paramjit Singh Jamir Singh. (2023). Assessing the Effectiveness of Juvenile Delinquency Welfare Programs: A Case Study of the UAE . Migration Letters, 20(7), 23–41.