Mass Ngaben Ceremony Deconstruction in Nusasari Melaya Village Jembrana


  • I Made Girinata
  • I Nyoman Subagia
  • I Gede Suwantana
  • I Putu Agus Aryatnaya Giri



Ngaben for the Balinese people is a form of final respect for those who have died. In practice, many Balinese people complain because it costs a lot. For those who are poor, this Ngaben ceremony is a burden. So, the solution given is by mass cremation, which is a ceremony that is carried out together. By doing it together, costs can be reduced because the costs can be shared together. However, even so, this is also sometimes not free from expensive costs, because, even though they are together, nevertheless, each person who has sawa (dead body) often makes the ceremony excessive, resulting in a contestation. This work descriptively describes the deconstruction strategy that was carried out, namely the implementation was carried out by traditional villages. The money is collected by the traditional village and then the implementation is also carried out by the traditional village. Both the rich and the poor will be treated equally so that the implementation looks uniform. This is of course very beneficial because there are many implications such as togetherness, traditional villages have money and others.


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Girinata, I. M. ., Subagia, I. N. ., Suwantana, I. G. ., & Giri, I. P. A. A. . (2023). Mass Ngaben Ceremony Deconstruction in Nusasari Melaya Village Jembrana. Migration Letters, 20(5), 728–741.




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