Migration and security: in search of reconciliation


  • Islam Ahmed Doha Institute for Graduate Studies




migration, security, biopolitics, biopower, Foucault, EU, Europe, refugees, securitisation, opportunities, identity politics, challenges, migration policies, migration-security nexus


In this paper a case is made for the necessity of an inter-disciplinary treatment of the migration phenomenon. The paper addresses the relation between migration and security from a reconciliatory perspective after a brief analysis of the migration-security nexus and how migration got securitised. Based on the Foucauldian notion of biopolitics, one can argue that what contributes heavily to the securitisation of migration is the emergence of biopower and biopolitics which are primarily concerned with the control over lives of the population within a given territory. This makes states and societies consider migration as a matter that should be under control, since it is related to the hygiene of the population and nationals of a given state. I, therefore, discuss the EU and other European countries’ policies regarding migration and how biopolitics have influenced securitising the EU’s migration policies. The main argument is that migration can, and should, be treated as an advantage rather than a threat, though it does not deny the security concerns that alway accompany such social phenomenon. The impact of culture and history on migration policies, and how identity politics shape a given country’s policies are discussed. Perceiving migration as either a threat or an opportunity, the way in which a country perceives migrants shapes its migration policies, whether restrictive or multiculturally-tolerant. 

Author Biography

Islam Ahmed, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

Islam Ahmed graduated in 2016 from Istanbul Sehir University with double degree in Politics and Philosophy, and a minor in History. He is currently a Master’s student in Politics and IR at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Qatar (2016-18).




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Ahmed, I. (2017). Migration and security: in search of reconciliation. Migration Letters, 14(3), 371–383. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v14i3.350