Views And Practices of Religious Moderation Tafsir Al Qur An Assembly Surakarta Indonesia


  • Rosidin
  • Mibtadin
  • Arnis Rachmadhani
  • Najib
  • Dandung Budi Yuwono
  • Lilam Kadarin Nuriyanto
  • Wakhid Sugiyarto
  • Marpuah



Apart from being the center of Javanese culture, Surakarta is also a place for the growth of both mainstream and anti-mainstream religious movements. One of them is the MTA which carries out purification to invite religion in a kaffah manner. What are the views and practices of MTA's religious moderation? This research is descriptive and qualitative, and the data collection involves observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation related to MTA activities. MTA views religious moderation based on its existence as a religious movement based on purification and invites Muslims to return to the Qur’an and Hadith. They believe all life's problems can be answered by returning to these two sources. MTA understands moderation religious as an attitude non - religious blaming others, living together, and building harmony social. The four main indicators of practice religious moderation are based on: First, displaying symbols, identity, respect for the flag, and promoting national values are a form of national commitment. MTA accepts Pancasila as the state ideology. Second, according to MTA, there are two kinds of tolerance: tolerance related to the teachings of MTA and patience associated with accepting to towards the attitude of religious people. Third, all religion violence. This is accordance with the mission to send the Prophet Muhammad SAW bearer to the morals of mankind. Fourthly, accommodative to local culture, MTA's belief is that Islam must be true to the teachings a religion, a product of humans. The two cannot be combined because they are one unit.




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Rosidin, Mibtadin, Arnis Rachmadhani, Najib, Dandung Budi Yuwono, Lilam Kadarin Nuriyanto, Wakhid Sugiyarto, & Marpuah. (2023). Views And Practices of Religious Moderation Tafsir Al Qur An Assembly Surakarta Indonesia. Migration Letters, 20(3), 522–533.




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