Unlocking the Key Drivers of FinTech Adoption: The Mediating Role of Trust Among Malaysians


  • L. Samarasekara
  • K. Tanaraj
  • K. Rajespari
  • Sheela Sundarasen
  • Usha Rajagopalan




The FinTech services acceptance rates in Malaysia is not growing in parallel with the FinTech growth rate due to a lack of trust in the availability of the FinTech services. Thus, this research intends to investigate the key determinants in the adoption of FinTech services among Malaysians and the mediating role of trust in the said adoption. This study used the quantitative method, whereby a total of 171 respondents took part in the online survey, via social media channels. Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) was used to analyze the collected data. The findings of the study conjecture that the adoption of FinTech services is influenced by perceived usefulness, ease of usage and user innovativeness. Furthermore, the findings noted that perceived risks do not influence FinTech adoption services. The main contribution of the study is the fact that trust fully mediates the impact of perceived risk towards FinTech adoption. The findings of this research can be used as a guideline by regulatory bodies and financial institutions to gradually transform, alleviate or completely migrate from conventional services into FinTech.




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L. Samarasekara, K. Tanaraj, K. Rajespari, Sheela Sundarasen, & Usha Rajagopalan. (2023). Unlocking the Key Drivers of FinTech Adoption: The Mediating Role of Trust Among Malaysians. Migration Letters, 20(3), 505–521. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v20i3.2934