Resilience Embedded in Psychological Capital of Ukrainian Refugees in Poland



Ukrainian refugees, resilience, psychological capital, East-Central Europe refugee flow


By this article we want to say that we still know very little about the migration of war refugees from Ukraine as the process has been happening massively before our eyes. This article contributes to the vast literature on refugees. Firstly, it presents a new non-Western perspective because Ukrainian refugees move predominately from Eastern to Central Europe. Secondly, it discusses the resilience of refugees, which we systematically embedded into the general concept of Psychological Capital (PsyCap), and proves it statistically in an interplay with three other components of PsyCap: self-efficacy, optimism and hope. The article also presents arguments for professionals on the ground to build a support on PsyCap resources, not only on trauma to Ukrainian refugees. The article is based on a small-scale exploratory survey of Ukrainian refugees conducted between March-May 2022 and field reflections of the coordinator of the Ukrainian House in Warsaw.




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Grabowska, I., Jastrzebowska, A. ., & Kyliushyk, I. (2023). Resilience Embedded in Psychological Capital of Ukrainian Refugees in Poland. Migration Letters, 20(3), 421–430. Retrieved from