Educational Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Turkey


  • Tuba Bircan University of Leuven, HIVA Research Institute for Work and Society
  • Ulaş Sunata Bahçeşehir University, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology



Refugee education, Syrian crisis, Turkey


In political, social and economical terms, Turkey is the most affected country of the Syrian crisis. More importantly, Turkey as a host country of Syrian refugees has been living a dramatic demographic change. The most marginalized group living in Turkey is children. Refugee education has hence become of top priority. The global report in refugee education is below the critical level, but Turkish report is even worse in the contexts of not only accessibility and quality. This work refers to uniquely gathered dataset from AFAD and UNHCR in order to portray the current demography of Syrian refugees in particular concentrating on the ones living in camps.  Main purpose is elaborating the current educational assessment of Syrian child refugees in Turkey. Our findings indicate the significant number of refugee children in need of access to basic education at all levels and underlines the magnitude of scarce of education program development mainly due to lack of financial matters. Hence, it advises a kind of collaboration among implementing public and private partners at the local, national and international levels.




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Bircan, T., & Sunata, U. (2015). Educational Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Turkey. Migration Letters, 12(3), 226–237.