VIEWPOINT Transnationalisation and Development(s): Towards a North-South Perspective


  • Thomas Faist Faculty of Sociology, Bielefeld University



Transnationalisation, development, transnational methodology


Public debates and research on the two-way relationship between migration and development has increased considerably over the past years. I argue that the current debates around the migration and development nexus should be approached from a transnational angle that is, looking at the emergence of a new transnational agent in development discourse – intermittently called “migrants”, “diaspora”, or “transnational community”. National states, local governments, inter- and supranational organisations and development agencies seek to co-opt and establish ties to mobile agents who are engaged in sustained and continuous cross-border relationships on a personal, collective and organisational level. Also, and this is crucial for any kind of scientific endeavour, the emergence of this new type of development agent can be tackled by a decidedly transnational methodology. 


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Faist, T. (2014). VIEWPOINT Transnationalisation and Development(s): Towards a North-South Perspective. Migration Letters, 4(2), 183–199.