Youth and Migration Aspiration in Kerala




Migration, Aspiration, Awareness, Middle-East, Youth, Kerala


The emergence of oil production in Gulf countries and the subsequent oil boom in the 1970s led to massive migration from Kerala to Middle East Gulf countries as part of the post-industrial migratory order. The Gulf countries and their opportunities became an integral part of Kerala's youth life while developing future goals and aspirations. This paper provides insight into the migration aspiration of the youth from Kerala and their awareness of migration. A questionnaire survey was conducted in the second half of 2019 in Calicut, Kerala. The sample consisted of 491 students. Most youths are aware of gulf migration through their family, friends and media. Two out of three youths aspire to migrate abroad in future for a job and related activities. Surprisingly, in Kerala, youth with migrant fathers don't aspire to migrate than youth with non-migrant fathers. While having a migrant friend shows a higher likelihood of aspiration to migrate among youth. In the case of Kerala, in the coming 10 to 20 years, migration will continue as a potential life choice for achieving life goals for youth in Kerala. Policies should promote awareness about migration and facilitate a secure and safe migration for youths.


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Author Biography

Bhagat R B, International Institute for Population Sciences

Dr R. B. Bhagat is Professor and Head, Department of Migration and Urban Studies,
International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai, India.




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KM, S., & R B, B. (2022). Youth and Migration Aspiration in Kerala. Migration Letters, 19(3), 357–365.