migration, COVID-19, pandemic, human mobility, restrictions


It has been 18 months since we first heard of a new corona virus outbreak identified in Wuhan, China. Migration Letters was among the first academic journals opening pages for discussions and analyses of the pandemic and its relevance to our field of study. This pandemic, like many other crises, has changed -and continue to change- our lives substantially. Dedicating more resources, and in our case, more pages and effort to continue the scholarly debate on COVID-19 is imperative. For many of us this is not just for the metric appeal of publishing research on a novel topic but more importantly for being genuinely interested in understanding and offering informed advice to the public and policy makers in such a difficult time. Since early 2020, we have received dozens of submissions dealing with the pandemic and migration. About 15 of these have been published in the last six issues. We include several more in the current issue and will continue to encourage and foster scholarly exchange on COVID-19 and migration. We encourage and invite colleagues to submit their work on the pandemic and migration nexus and progress this debate because it simply means massive changes in all domains of life with effects on human mobility.




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Sirkeci, I. . (2021). Editorial. Migration Letters, 18(4), 365–366. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v18i4.1600




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