Migration and US economic competitiveness


  • Philip L. Martin Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics, University of California-Davis, 1 Shields Ave, 2101 SSH, Davis, CA 95616, USA.




Immigration, migrant workers, competitiveness, United States


Most Americans are dissatisfied with US immigration policies. This dissatisfaction stems from several factors, including the presence of over 11 million unauthorized foreigners and the fact that many US immigrants who want their spouses and children to join them face long waits. There is also a sense that the US, which accepts over a million immigrants and several hundred thousand temporary foreign workers a year, is not getting enough highly skilled immigrants and temporary workers who could bolster innovation and competitiveness in an increasingly knowledge-based economy. It is very hard to measure the benefits and costs of immigrants and migrant workers, which is one reason why the unsatisfactory status quo persists.




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Martin, P. L. (2013). Migration and US economic competitiveness. Migration Letters, 10(2), 125–143. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v10i2.139