Intelligent Territory Focused On The Transportation Sector In Sugamuxi Province


  • John Danilo Pedraza López , Derly Caterine Rodríguez Munévar


Sogamoso has an important geographic position at the national level as it is a municipality of origin and destination that connects the center with the east of the country. It is characterized as a municipality whose sources of employment are mainly agriculture, industry, and commerce, so the population tends to increase and require public transportation services. It is important to highlight that both Sogamoso and its surrounding municipalities have tourist areas such as Paramos, the Tota lagoon, the bio park, and thermal wells, among other attractions; however, tourism is inferior to other territories in the country. Its competitiveness is affected by existing shortcomings in the municipality, one of which is the quality of public transportation and the little information that tourists can obtain about it. Thanks to current technological advances, a new concept is emerging in public policies called an intelligent territory, which consists of increasing sustainable development and generating strategies for collective growth and progress in th[1]e territories supported by technology. To provide improvements in the sector, the creation of an intelligent territory is proposed, supported by technological advances and the collection of accurate and timely information focused on the public transportation sector, since mobility is a fundamental factor that allows citizens to move from their homes to their jobs and studies, and tourists to access the areas and tourist attractions that each municipality has, becoming an important element in the quality of life of a community and the economic growth of the municipality.


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