Organized Crime And Cybercrime In Ecuador, A New Reality Of Complex Criminality


  • Jorge Edmundo Paspuel Hernández
  • Christian Alexander Panchi Criollo
  • Juan Sebastián Paredes Mera
  • Marcos Willian Suquitana Segura



This article analyses the main problems that the computer revolution has brought with it in terms of a new form of committing crimes, in this case the creation of cybercrimes, crimes that have been perfected, allowing criminals to cross borders in a matt[1]er of seconds at a global level and forming part of organized crime.  In conclusion, this criminal symbiosis has brought legal problems in terms of its application in criminal practice, especially in our Ecuadorian legislation, where prosecutors and judges are limited in their accusations and when judging organized crime offences related to cybercrime, as their modus operandi and organizational structure are complex. In that sense, this research is descriptive with a doctrinal and legal normative approach, hoping to answer the following research question: what is the scope of criminal liability in cybercrimes within organized crime in Ecuadorian legislation?


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Hernández , J. E. P. ., Criollo , C. A. P. ., Mera, J. S. P. ., & Segura, M. W. S. (2024). Organized Crime And Cybercrime In Ecuador, A New Reality Of Complex Criminality. Migration Letters, 21(S10), 734–747.




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