Unveiling Divinity: A Comparative Quest Into The Perception Of God In Islam And Semitic Religions


  • Dr. Asma Aziz
  • Dr. Sobia Nousheen
  • Yesra Mariam
  • Aqsa Amjad
  • Barira Ata
  • Sana Yaseen




The quest to understand the perception of God across different religions has been a central theme in human civilization. This comparative study delves into the essence of divinity as perceived in Islam and Semitic religions, exploring the foundational beliefs and philosophical underpinnings that shape the understanding of the Supreme Divine Authority. Drawing from insights gleaned from renowned historian Arnold Toynbee's monumental work on the history of religion, this study underscores the significance of religion in unraveling the mysteries of existence. Despite attempts by non-religious ideologies like Marxism and Freudianism to undermine organized religion, the enduring presence of faith systems underscores the intrinsic role of religion in human existence. Through an examination of key scriptures, including the Glorious Qur'an, this study elucidates the commonalities and divergences in the perception of God, emphasizing the universal call to worship a singular, omnipotent deity. Moreover, it highlights the innate human inclination towards belief in the Creator, positing that acceptance of divinity requires no precondition, while disbelief necessitates conditioned skepticism. Ultimately, this study offers profound insights into the universal quest for understanding the divine, transcending cultural and religious boundaries to illuminate the timeless truths underlying human spirituality.


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Aziz, D. A. ., Nousheen, D. S. ., Mariam, Y. ., Amjad, A. ., Ata, B. ., & Yaseen, S. . (2024). Unveiling Divinity: A Comparative Quest Into The Perception Of God In Islam And Semitic Religions. Migration Letters, 21(S10), 44–59. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v21iS10.10403